The Story of CSGO

Let me tell you a story about Counter Strike enjoyment...


The Story of CSGO

Let me tell you a story about Counter Strike enjoyment. Now, this isn’t a bedtime story, so keep your eyes fixed on your computer for a while and discover why Counter-Strike is one of the best games ever made.

Let’s start with the history. After all, no good story has a missing background.



It was in the year 1999 when Counter-Strike was introduced as a modification or mod for Half-Life. As the game progressed from its beta state to a full release, it changed the classic gameplay.

Through every version—1.6, Source, and Global Offensive—Counter-Strike has been the setter of standards when it comes to competitive first-person shooter games. It now has the largest community, and teams all over the planet are famous for how they never fail to demonstrate their strategies and teamwork in tournaments, whether it’s local, regional, or international.

Counter-Strike as an e-sport is still attracting more and more audiences from across continents even until now. It’s safe to say the game is a living legend.

What Makes It Fun

If you’re a non-player, then perhaps you’re wondering what’s so interesting about CSGO. Well, five major things that make CSGO, CSGO.



The first engaging stuff about the game is the availability of firearms. There’s a challenge behind it because you’ll have to practice a lot to understand the behavior of a weapon. Controlling it is a skill. The precision of your aim is also an advantage. The weapons will hit your target correctly. Even firing recklessly can yield to lucky kills! Aside from that, when shootouts occur, the fact that you don’t know who will win with what kind of weapon is something that can’t be predicted.


CSGO also has short rounds, making it more stimulating. It’s because the rounds are short that the player needs to come up with a strategy to win. Will he come from behind? Will he stick with his usual tactics? There are several options for the player.

Dying in one round even excites, making the player more hyped up for his teammates for the next tension-filled round.


CSGO has also been known for its excellent appearance. It creates that feeling that you’re really the one shooting in the game. Apart from that, the effects are commendable. If a window is cracked, you’ll see that it’s clearly cracked. If there are broken cabinets, you’ll be able to identify them as broken cabinets. It’s a fun game to play because the graphics are well established.



There are tons of counter-tactics available for a shooter. For instance, you can counterattack snipers using a smoke grenade, by planting a bomb, by flanking, or working with your teammates.

You can counter rushing by being in a good position, waiting patiently, listening thoroughly, or using a long-range weapon.


Even though the game is highly competitive, friendship still exists even among rivals. When dead players form an instantaneous graveyard chat room, it paves the way for those players to give compliments to one another or even recruit players.

What are you waiting for? Play CSGO now!

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