Installing an Inverter Generator for Your Library

Don’t you appreciate storytelling? Aside from the new words we..


Installing an Inverter Generator for Your Library

Don’t you appreciate storytelling? Aside from the new words we can learn from reading; storytelling allows both adults and children alike to enter a new world and learn valuable lessons from the characters. Storytelling ignites the fire in our hearts and brings life in a lifeless library.

But wouldn’t it be a shame if you can’t tell stories because there is no power in your library?

And this, my comrades, is why you need to install an inverter generator. Today, we’ll answer the questions you have in mind.

“What is this generator you speak of?”

Inverter generators are the topics of conversations nowadays. These generators output AC, then that current gets converted to DC voltage, then “inverted” once more to clean AC voltage, which means there is a constant flow of current in your appliances.

“What will I get from it?”

DC-AC_inverter_of_the_Royer_circuitThese type of generators combine the power of a gas-powered generator coupled with an electronic inverter board, which is in charge of giving cleaner power and variable speed. The board allows the generator to alter the engine speed based on the power output that the user needs.

For example, if you’re running a light and a fan in your library, the generator will run with less noise and use less fuel.

Because of this technology, the generator can also supply a sine wave which is equal to the power delivered by a utility. That means the electric current is stable and consistently provided, enabling the consumer to power more delicate electronics like tablets and laptops without power fluctuation.

Inverter generators are perfect when there is a power outage in the library, permitting you to finish that story you’re sharing with proper lighting and an environment that’s conducive to learning.

However, you must know that it cannot power multiple large appliances at the same time like a refrigerator and an air conditioner. It can only power one to two small appliances like a fan and one light bulb. You can power a laptop and a television individually.

“Are there portable ones?”

Yes, of course! Portable inverter generators exist! Compared to the conventional portable generators we know, they’re much lighter and smaller. For instance, a 1,000-watt inverter generator weighs approximately 30 pounds only.


Inverter generators are almost 20% more fuel-efficient than standard generators too, allowing you to reduce carbon footprint and be a part of a greener, more sustainable planet!

“Perfect! Where can I get one?”

Read the reviews of the best generators here:, and you’ll know the best one for you.

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